“Customer experience (CX) is the new marketing battlefront.”

这是Gartner文章的开放线,“Gartner客户体验调查的主要发现。" Gartner’s research found that 81% of marketers responsible for CX expect to be competing mostly on the basis of customer experience.

Yes — product, price and performance matter, but customer experience is now the basis of differentiation.

Karen Steele, CMO atLeanData,是81%的一部分。根据Steele,“客户体验就是一切。如果您认为收入作为推动公司的生命线,客户体验是结果,这是世界上每个公司,无论您是B2C还是B2B,都应专注于。“

Recently, Steele spoke to Michael Krigsman on an episode of CxOTalk titled, “越来越多的收入与客户体验。” During the interview, Steele shared insights on the importance of customer experience and how her organization thinks about it.




While it’s good to have the management team in sync, it’s the team members on the frontlines that make great customer experience a reality. Every employee, whether they're a receptionist, an accounts payable person, a salesperson, or a marketer, touches a customer or a potential buyer.

According to Steele, “Every single touch creates an impression of who you are as a company, your brand, what you stand for, your reputation, and your credibility.” A quality assurance (QA) engineer is not someone you’d associate with being a core part of the customer experience. For Steele, however, the QA team has a direct influence on how the product operates and how quickly bugs are identified, tested and fixed. That, in turn, is a fundamental element of customer experience.


Connect Your Brand Promise to Your Customer Experience



它始于内部团队 - 特别是他们对他们如何提供品牌承诺的期望。根据Steele的说法,“如果我要向客户做出承诺,我所有的团队都必须在一系列期望上举办,以便为该品牌承诺提供。根据这些期望,提供这些期望,以及我们的执行,创造了一种经验。“

To help employees understand the brand strategy, Steele runs mandatory three- to four-hour sessions during employee orientation. The sessions explore each employee’s unique role in carrying out the company’s brand promise to the customer. In addition, said Steele, “It’s important to document the brand strategy for employees in the form of a brand book that articulates company vision, mission, brand promise, values and the company narrative.”

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No one feels touched by an auto-response email or has an emotional reaction from interacting with a chatbot. According to Steele, “One of the flaws of B2B companies today is that we're so focused on automation because many of our buyers are not consumers; they're business-to-business people that have titles in different business units and corporations that move the business forward.”


“As human beings, we have to create personal connections with individuals from our brand back to them and back to their company,” said Steele.


Connecting Customer Experience to Revenue


Steele might respond that customer experience ties directly to revenue by way of retention and advocacy. “Make every customer an advocate. Start with the customer first and understand the journey and how to help companies get to the outcomes that they want to achieve,” said Steele.

An exceptional customer experience can turn your customers into a marketing channel. Happy customers will write positive reviews on G2 Crowd and Trustpilot and share their satisfaction on LinkedIn and Twitter. In addition, they’ll recommend your products and services to peers.


  • 他们有什么样的问题?
  • What kind of challenges are they facing?
  • 他们坐在什么样的球队?
  • 他们可以参加什么样的委员会?
  • What is their journey inside their company?

Wrapping Up

How does your organization think about customer experience and what role do the different groups play? What’s the future of customer experience? Share your thoughts about customer experience in the comments section below!